The World's Smallest and True Wireless Microphone(1 to 2)

Dual-channel Wireless Microphone System |Truly Wireless |Omnidirectional High-fidelity

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Truly wireless,automatic pairing

Simply plug the receiver into the device and the transmitter and receiver will automatically pair. Clip the transmitter to your neckline, no wires, no applications, no manual pairing, use it anytime, anywhere. Any novice can easily use

Intelligent noise reduction

80KHz stereo recording, filtering various noises for different noise environments, picking up audio clearly and effectively even in noisy environments.

2.4GHz band

Ultra light, ultra small, and easy to carry

The total weight of the transmitter and receiver is only more than 20 grams, which makes it easy to record anytime, anywhere.

Long battery life

When the transmitter is fully charged, it can be used for about 4 hours, plus the attached charging box, a microphone can be used continuously for about 20 hours. This makes it very suitable for use on the go.

You can record audio far away from your device.

POPUMIC can transmit stable signals with ultra-low latency of 15 milliseconds within a distance of about 50 meters. It can transmit signals at a distance of about 50 meters with ultra-low latency and stability of 15 milliseconds. It optimizes audio in real time and provides high-quality sound for live broadcasts.

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