Popumic was born from a vision to provide the lightest and smallest wireless microphone to those want to be more free and easy to live stream and make videos from anywhere.

We didn’t want to be ‘just another microphone equipment company’ though.The Popumic founders wanted to provide motivation and inspiration for video production enthusiasts of all skill levels. We knew that, to achieve this, we needed to speak to people just like you - The people who do this work every day. The people that need, buy and use the equipment. We attended trade shows around the world and spoke to both suppliers and video bloggers themselves to gain an understanding of their needs, wants and pain points.

We know that microphone users are a bunch of freedom-loving people, so we've been trying to figure out how to make a microphone that's perfect for that group. Completely wireless, small enough to forget about it, we use freedom as a guide to achieve such a feature, and want to let the microphone users get rid of the microphone, more free to engage in video creation.

Not light enough, cumbersome to operate, and few truly wireless microphones. For those who are just starting out and those who just want to get involved in the industry, there are few suitable and cost-effective wireless microphones. 

 In 2020, we began manufacturing our own microphone equipment ,To meet the needs of more than one person involved in video recording, we have also developed the world's newest 1-to-2 wireless microphone version- and Popumic was born!

We started with a small microphone...

We want to use this small microphone...

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